Monday, November 27, 2017


November 1-13,2020

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Tour Guide: Hanoch Young
Tour Leader: Mikell Clayton
One of the unique things that tour participants will experience is visiting several Jewish communities located in Judea and Samaria and meeting the owners of the vineyards as well as many other Israelis whose daily life is a fight to hold to the Biblical promises of The Land. An added bonus will be staying two nights at Biblical Tamar Park, an ancient Jewish city south of the Dead Sea. Staying in the Park will provide an opportunity to experience how people from the times of Abraham, Moses, Solomon, and the Prophets lived in the desert wilderness. Many of the ancients actually visited Tamar and drank from the oasis waters.
An invitation will be extended to all who register for these trips to become “Volunteers” at Tamar after the tour. This low cost experience is available for a maximum of 90 days. Long term volunteers pay only $20 a day for board and room and short term volunteers, who stay less than 30 days, pay $30 a day. Volunteers are needed in various work areas from horticulture to cooking, housekeeping, mechanical, and carpentry.
This tour is not your standard “see the holy sites” kind of tour. While you will do and see some things that are normal to tours, like seeing Jerusalem and other popular places, you will also explore Samaria-the Biblical heartland, Golan, the Negev, and more. The purpose of the tour is to enable you to fully connect with the land of Israel, both ancient and modern, and to develop a special relationship with the Jewish people. You will see sites and connect to people that most visitors to Israel never get to experience. You will travel the land with a Bible in your hand and you will come to understand some things about Israel and the people the same as Israelis do. When you connect with the land, the land will connect with you.